Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chicago SF?
Chicago SF is a web resource and community for science fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction fans in the Chicago area. Our main goal is to organize and enjoy social events. "Fans having fun." We're organized by an elected Council under our bylaws.
What does Chicago SF offer?
A website containing a calendar of events, forums for event planning and discussions, a monthly social, a monthly book group and a yearly party at WindyCon. We are a loose-knit community that organizes many activities on the forum.
How do I sign up?
Join the forum by choosing a user name and password and entering your email address.
Why should I sign up?
Guests can browse the forum and read most areas, but only members can post. So if you want to RSVP for an event, discuss a plot twist or suggest an outing you'll need to sign up.
What does Chicago SF provide?
A safe and welcoming space for people of all races, genders, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities and physical ability to come together and socialize.
What does Chicago SF require of me as a member?
We require your adherence to this simple Code of Conduct.
What about these parties you throw at WindyCon?
You can find out more about our WindyCon room parties here.