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Sponsor Card

As a way to become more connected to the local community, we have a Sponsor Card program which allows individual members of Chicago SF to show their support for the group. The Chicago SF Sponsor Card is active for a full calendar year, and is available for a $20 donation, or $10 after June 30. It entitles you to a number of promotional discounts that we have negotiated with businesses, as well as a chicago-sf.org email address.

A sample sponsor card

Business Participants

Being a Sponsor Card holder gives you the following discounts with these current participants.

  • Asylum Comics
    Comics, graphic novels, and collectibles.
    15% discount with card on everything.
  • Off World Designs
    10% off any purchase of $20 or more, online or at conventions.
  • Cyphan
    Get a 3 day pass for the cost of a 1 day pass (half off, $25 instead of $50)
    Half off the Friday "Cocktails with the Stars" party ($20 instead of $40)
    You must use your @chicago-sf.org email address when registering.

Becoming a Business Participant

We are looking for businesses who are willing to offer a discount to our Sponsor Card members. In exchange, your business will receive the following advertising.

  • Your business name, address, discount, and web link listed on our web site
  • Your business name, address, discount, and web link listed on our forum
  • Your business name, address, discount, and URL listed on a sponsor sheet to be distributed to all members at our monthly meetings

Business Sponsorship will be a calendar-year commitment, renewable each year. This discount can be presented in any mutually-agreeable format (Three common examples are 10% off any purchase, $5 off any purchase of $50 or more, or a specified item/certificate free with purchase).

If you are interested in becoming a Business Sponsor, please contact us at council@chicago-sf.org with your business name, location, web address, and the discount you would like to offer.


Chicago SF is a 400-member fan organization. We have been meeting monthly in Chicago for over 5 years, and maintain an active web forum. Our usual attendance for our monthly meeting is 40-50.

Monthly Sponsorship

In addition to the Sponsor Card program, we also to offer the option of monthly sponsorship. This is a good option if you prefer to sponsor us for just one or two months, and/or would like advertising with some increased visibility. To sponsor a month, we request a donation of giveaway items (or money or certificates toward such items) worth at least $50. In exchange, you will receive the following.

  • Verbal announcement of sponsorship during a giveaway at the monthly meeting.
  • A 3.5" x 4" advertising space on a sponsor sheet to be distributed to all members at our monthly meetings.
  • A short text note proclaiming "Our [MONTH] Sponsor: YOUR BUSINESS/ORG NAME HERE" which links to your website will be included in the header of our forum for the calendar month of your sponsorship.

If you are interested in sponsoring one or more months in this manner, contact council@chicago-sf.org with your proposal to arrange sponsorship.

Publicists and Publishers

Review copies, promotional giveaways, ARCs, and publicity information and flyers for genre events or announcements should be sent to us at:

Chicago SF Council
c/o Matthew Duhan
148 S Center St
Bensenville, IL 60106